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Progressive MS Patients More Likely to Experience Fatigue, Survey Shows  Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Fatigue is more prevalent in progressive MS patients, and increased fatigue severity is linked with greater physical and mental impairment, a study shows.

Recognizing Pseudo-Exacerbations Is Important in MS  Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Columnist Debi Wilson shares how understanding the differences between true and pseudo-exacerbations in MS has relieved her anxiety about progression.

Multiple Sclerosis: A Misguided Immune Attack On Myelin : Shots - Health News  NPR

It's looking like MS strikes when a variety of triggers gang up to impair neurons in the brain and spinal cord. Researchers are using their new knowledge to ...

MS Risk Linked to Linuron, Herbicide Used in US, in Study  Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Linuron, a herbicide used in the U.S. but banned in Europe, was found in a study to activate immune cells in mice, and inflammatory signaling linked to MS.

MS School Choice Rally held at State Capitol  WJTV

MS school choice rally will be held outside of the Mississippi State Capitol.

MS research update – Factors affecting DMD prescribing in the UK – 21 January 2019  MS Trust

Researchers identified a number of factors which influenced health professionals prescribing of disease modifying drugs in the UK.

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